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+ 18.8 %

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+ 700 %

What does your business do?

We run an exclusive, technology-driven manufacturing business with high-end products for B2C customers who care deeply about a strong relationship with their suppliers.

What's a crucial challenge Loile helped solve?

A complete overhaul of our business and marketing fundamentals like the business engineering & insights, back-office workflows and thinking up and creating a new website.

How did Loile help you?

They took a very active, hands-on, but strategic approach. We thought up better ways to set up our business engineering & insights, back-office workflows and create & maintain the new website.

Can you quantify the results?

It helped us achieve new levels of efficiency and smoother operations overall. We saw a 20% year-over-year increase in new business and a significant increase in the conversion rate from website visitor to active prospect in various international markets.

Why are long-term strategy and efficiency vital for you?

We operate in a niche market. Building a strong international brand with positive references is critical for expansion and continuous business development.

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